This was probably my greatest day at work. “This is a wonderful Job… we are all hat’s off to you…you are creating an example for the others to follow”, this is perhaps the most sincere and touching commendation i have ever received. Sincere because her her tone suggested so and such intense and emotional words of praise, in the presence of all the Managers and architects were not just said for the sake of it…they were sincere. Touching because of,rather the bitter fact i came to know a little later, her intermittent illness for which she is often hospitalized. “…that’s why, She is very grateful to anyone for any kind of good work done or help she receives” is what i was told.

The other managers and architects followed her by praising me, but they were too obvious…artificial ofcourse. They had no other option but to support her. Anyhow, these moments were some of the greatest in my life. This made me realize how much we matter to the company and how much the company matters to us. It was very heartening to know that some people are so grateful even for the slightest help amidst scores of people who are not even bothered no matter how much you sacrifice to the company. It was also inspiring to know the amount of dedication and ownership they show towards the company and their work. At the same time there was a small spark of thought in some corner of my mind, “…and you want to give up all this and go in search of an unknown destine???”. Well, after this slight moment of elation, i came down to earth,the satan in me started dragging me towards reality,”Just leave all these emotions behind and think of moving ahead in life!!!”.

“Kiran, are you there in the call?”, this was the first question by her as soon as the meeting started the next time. The magnitude of trust and responsibility she has put upon me is immense. I really do not know if i am worth it, but i am certainly trying my best to measure up to what she thinks? After all, it’s just a necessary part of my job!!! I would never be able to forget this woman ever in my life…my project release manager.


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