About Me

I am a simple, humble and unassuming person who wouldn’t like to rant much about himself. I find happiness in simplest of things: the time I spend with my loved ones, random jokes i hear from my friends, the innocent smile of a small baby, a poor person wholeheartedly enjoying his meal along with his family in his tiny little shack, a believer faithfully prostrating in front of his lord in total submission. These small things bring great joy to me. I believe being humble and simple, finding joy in others happiness, loving nature and being thankful to god for giving us each new day would bring about greatest peace on earth.

Hence I pen all my random thoughts, experiences and memories of good nature roughly in a Blog which I hope would bring about some streak of happiness and delight into a persons life, in which case, I would consider my efforts being most worthwhile.


In Contemplation


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