I wrote this poem way back in 2012 for my wife and my mother, who are such an integral part of me and my life is revolving around these ladies. It’s my thought that a women’s love is the most powerful thing in this universe and any other universe, which defies all logic, science, superstition, time and even gods. May it be a mother’s love for his son, a daughters love for her father, a wife’s love for her husband, an animal’s love for it’s offspring there is no way one can define or unravel this sentiment or try to even understand it. Humans may become extinct, the world might end, the sun might burn out, the universe might fade away, but the most heavenly, ethereal, unfathomable,intangible substance of love of a woman will persist into the infinity, even in the nothingness of a void and even in all known and unknown dimensions.

A thought crossed my mind when I was watching the recent sci-fi film ‘Interstellar’, at an outset, it might seem that the film is more about unravelling the secrets of universe, the dimensions of space and time and search for life in other planets, but if you closely observe and give a thought, there is yet another underlying most powerful theme, which the makers might themselves have not realized: that of a daughter’s love for her father. A grit and determination to get back her father from an unending wrap of time and space, even if it means that she may no longer be there or she might be much much older than him when he comes back whereas he would remain of the same age.

Now, here’s the poem:

Every man who has a daughter
is the luckiest person on earth.
For there is love for him
until his very last breath.

How lucky of me if i have one;
such a sweet little angel.
Whose small little fingers i can hold and walk,
wrap her in my bosom and learn to talk her talk.

How much would i have to cry
when i start missing her.
How much would i have to cry,
when she does not belong hither.

who else could give,
such wonderful life to live.
who else could give,
such beautiful thoughts to thrive.

Would there be any other better way,
to pass away which such a peace.
than knowing that there is love for you to eternity,
until the last shred of this universe does cease.