My Flirtations with Poetry

A  beautiful rainy evening, with the pitter patter sounds of rain and the birds chirping in our backyard: the calm, the peace , add to it my wife getting me a piping hot cup of tea, the setting was perfect, nothing less inspirational to write a poem … here it goes ….

A light rain coupled with a cool breeze and the nice smell of wet sand;

A steaming hot cup of coffee and an unputdownable book on the other hand.

Such a lovely evening and add to it sitting alongside your wife;
No cliches attached — but these little moments are most joyous ones in life.

What a wonder these little situations can make, you see;
they make write poems even out of idiots like me… .

 … and at the same time i was trying my hand at some candid photography to capture the beautiful weather and setting and here’s a beautiful shot which describes the whole weather. The poem above forms a perfect tagline for the photograph and vice-versa the photograph aptly captures the essence of the poem above.